Supply Chain Analytics

Supply Chain

Navigating intricate supply chains has become increasingly challenging, with unprecedented demands from customers and various entities within the supply chain itself. Our role is to assist companies in harnessing their entire data reservoir to comprehensively comprehend and enhance the performance of their supply chain. This spans from the initial stages of product design all the way through to distribution.

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Data and Analytics Services for Supply Chain

Our expertise lies in crafting data and analytics solutions tailored to empower companies with complete visibility into their supply chain activities. By doing so, we enable them to operate with greater efficiency, enhance resilience, and ultimately, augment profitability.

Our Services

Supply Chain Services

Forecasting and Planning

Examine customer data, identify trends, and factor in seasonality to anticipate future demand. Utilize this information to make informed decisions regarding production and inventory levels during specific time periods.

Transportation and Logistics

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Supplier Performance

Visualize delivery plans and routing networks to strategize ways to reduce the time from order placement to delivery. Scrutinize data on improper shipments and defective items to minimize errors and manage costs effectively. Monitor and evaluate outbound deliveries while analyzing warehouse productivity.

Inventory Management

Effectively manage inventory by tracking key metrics such as the sales-to-inventory ratio, days of inventory, total inventory, and return on inventory. Optimize demand forecasting to prevent stock-outs and excess inventory, ensuring efficient operations and cost control in the inventory management process.

Fleet Management

Employ real-time data for proactive maintenance, oversee driver safety, assess fueling costs, and perform other critical functions. Gain insights into costly driver behaviors and implement intelligent driver protocols.

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