Insurance Analytics


We help Insurance companies use their data to provide the ultimate customer service experience while expertly navigating industry challenges resulting from a strict regulatory environment and intense competition.

Data and Analytics Services for Insurance

With our end-to-end data and analytics service, Insurance companies better understand their customers, increase retention, improve risk assessment in underwriting, reduce the cost of claims, and identify new sources of growth.


Our Services

Insurance Services

Risk Assessment

Analyze historical claims data to identify trends that help determine the risk applicants represent, and develop pricing in accordance with the risk.

Track Insurance Fraud

Easily identify and automate red flags during the application process so agents can determine course of action on policy issuance. Uncover trends over time and proactively avoid fraudulent claims.

Improve Customer Experience

Using analytics techniques like customer segmentation, we help you gain a more granular and nuanced understanding of customer preferences and behaviors to create personalized policies.

Claims Modernization

Combine claims and policy data for profitability analysis. Extract crucial information from adjuster notes. Optimize staffing models using historical data and claim volume projections.

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