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Cloud Migration & Continuous Operation

Our Cloud Migration & Running services specialize in facilitating a smooth transition of an organization's information systems to the cloud, and in optimizing the operation of systems in cloud environments.

At Deko Data Analytics, we understand that cloud migration is only the first step, and thereafter the continuous and efficient management of cloud operations is essential to maximize the benefits these technologies offer.

Secure Transitions and Expert Management in Cloud Environments to Maximize Business Performance

Our highly trained team collaborates closely with each client to perform cloud migrations meticulously, with their specific business needs and goals in mind.

Beyond migration, we focus on ensuring optimal and continuous operation in the cloud to maintain systems efficiency and performance.

Our Services

Cloud Migration & Continuous Operation

Cloud Migration Readiness Assessment

Our in-depth assessment for cloud migration focuses on thoroughly understanding the organization's current systems, data, applications, and processes, to identify opportunities for improvement offered by cloud technologies, to ensure a successful migration.

Cloud Migration Strategy

Our cloud migration strategy offers a detailed journey-to-cloud plan that focuses on maximizing the benefits of the cloud, such as scalability, flexibility, and operational efficiency, while minimizing risk and business disruption during the migration process.

Cloud Migration Services

Our cloud migration services offer a seamless transition, moving your systems and data to cloud environments efficiently and securely. We assess your infrastructure, identify key applications, and execute a meticulous strategic plan for a successful migration.

Continuous Cloud Optimizations

We execute an optimization plan in the operation of the cloud that ensures optimal performance of resources in cloud environments. We implement specialized strategies that maximize operational efficiency, scalability, security, minimizing the costs of your cloud infrastructure

Cloud Infra and Implementation

We have specialized in designing and implementing robust and secure cloud environments, adapted to the specific needs of each client. We ensure a scalable and reliable infrastructure that enables business growth.

Sovereign Cloud

Our Sovereign Cloud services ensure regulatory compliance and the protection of sensitive data, with solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client, providing a reliable and controlled environment, prioritizing security and regulatory compliance at all times.


Our finOps services are designed to maximize the value of your cloud investment by effectively identifying and managing expenses. Through detailed strategies and specialized tools, we help control and optimize cloud costs.

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