Financial Service Analytics

Financial Services

We have helped leading financial services firms to use data to drive profitability, adapt to a demanding regulation, understand their customers, calculate risk and detect fraud, among others

Data and Analytics Services for Financial Service Companies

We help Financial Services companies get a 360-degree view of their customers, portfolios, and products so they can make better decisions.

Our Services

Financial Services

Internal and External Financial Data Integration

Automate data cleansing, integration, and reporting from all sources

Risk Management

Analyze risk factors across various dimensions, like income checking, loss provisions, late repayment, and credit.

Customer & Sales Analytics

Get insights into customer data like card usage, preferences, customer churn, customer satisfaction, and loan activity to build customer profiles so you can do more targeted marketing and ad-hoc create service offerings


Regulatory requirements for banks are increasingly data-heavy, requiring banks to manage, clean, and analyze a large amount of information to mitigate risk, conduct stress testing, and perform analytics

Branch Performance

Combine customer demographics, branch activity, geospatial data, and market activity to identify under-performing locations.


Identify and respond to risks, address regulatory requirements, and ensure compliance.

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