Finance Analytics


The finance and accounting departments face ongoing challenges in providing precise and timely analyses and recommendations to the business. In the current age of digital transformation, with the increasing prevalence of organizational data tools, the required data for analysis is dispersed across numerous sources.


Our aim is to assist financial professionals in transitioning from labor-intensive manual data preparation and Excel-based report generation to automated financial analytics solutions. These solutions empower users to engage in more meaningful analysis, thereby contributing added value to the bottom line.

Data and Analytics Services for Internal Finance Departments

Whether managing a singular entity or overseeing multiple divisions or subsidiaries, our financial data and analytics solutions integrate information from various sources—such as NetSuite, SAP ERP, Oracle EBS, JD Edwards, Sage, Lawson, Microsoft Dynamics, Infor, Everest, and more. With robust financial analytics, your business can expedite sound financial decision-making, decrease costs, mitigate risks, and enhance profitability and transparency.

Our Services

Finance Services

Financial Planning and Analysis

Integrate automation to handle routine reporting and analysis tasks, covering forecasting, budgets, financial plans, and cash flow efficiently. This streamlined approach enhances overall operational efficiency.

Revenue and Profibality Management

Examine the factors influencing costs and revenue, and identify strategies to maximize profit, minimize operational costs, segment customers, and improve the profitability of services or products.

Expenses Management

Examine extensive data from various locations and business lines to attain comprehensive visibility into costs and operating expenses. Identify opportunities to reduce expenditures and enhance expense management processes.

Risk and Compliance

Conduct a thorough examination of your company's obligations under federal, state, and local laws, taxes, and regulatory frameworks like HIPAA and GDPR to ensure comprehensive compliance. Evaluate the areas requiring adherence for legal and regulatory standards.

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